"Typical with most seniors, I tried to avoid getting hearing aids. As an adult male I felt embarrassed to use them despite my wife complaining about my hearing loss. I could not admit to myself that I needed them."

"I contacted Cliff Pearson of Hearing Services of Marin about my problem. After undergoing a hearing test, Cliff analyzed my hearing loss and recommended a specific pair of hearing aids. These he fitted to me and my hearing trial began. Cliff made me feel so at ease that my imagined trauma of using hearing aids vanished. I had a seamless transition to using them and they have proven a wonderful advantage to me as I could now enjoy TV, radio, and normal conversations that I had previously been unable to correctly hear and understand."

"Cliff Pearson of Hearing Services of Marin has proven to be very experienced at what he does. He explained everything to me in detail. His positive, gentle attitude made the use of hearing aids for me a very easy adaption."

John Mani, M.D.

"I have been a client of Hearing Services of Marin for 19 years. Clifford Pearson and his staff have always been courteous and ready to meet my needs. The office staff has accommodated my appointment schedule. Clifford's professional knowledge of what my needs are has made it comfortable for me to continue getting hearing tests, fitting me for appropriate hearing devices that allow me to maintain a continued hearing level, and follow up care and service between appointments."

"I cannot think of going to anyone else for my hearing needs. I continue to recommend Clifford to anyone with a hearing problem."

Dino Lucchesi

"I have had a moderate hearing loss all my life. Throughout my early school-age years, I was fitted for and wore several different types of analog hearing aids. I experienced embarrassing episodes of feedback, which drew far too much attention, and I found that the aids only really succeeded at amplifying all of the distracting noise of a classroom."

"By the time I was a pre-teen, I had given up on hearing aids altogether. Fast forward about 20 years. I thought I was functioning okay with my hearing loss, until my first daughter turned 2. She was a curious toddler and was constantly pointing out the sounds she was hearing - Mommy, listen to that bird, listen to the wind! I couldn't hear any of it! I was really missing out!"

"I swallowed my pride and went to visit Clifford Pearson at Hearing Services of Marin. I found Clifford to be an incredibly patient and knowledgeable individual. He helped me select a digital hearing aid that far surpassed the performance of the hearing aids from my youth (no feedback!). He fine tuned the programming to fit my own needs and paid attention to my concerns about vanity. No one can tell I am wearing them, unless I choose to tell them. I can finally share whispered secrets with my children, and will forever be grateful to Clifford for the role he played in enriching my life."

Jennifer Baldwin

"Five years ago I was experiencing noticeable hearing loss. I made an appointment at Hearing Services of Marin and met Clifford Pearson. Clifford's professionalism and hearing loss knowledge was evident from the initial hearing evaluation test to the selection of the hearing aid device. Clifford's guidance assisted me in making the transition to being a full time hearing wearer with confidence and ease."

Frank Bullentini