What Solutions Exist?

While all hearing aids are designed to carry sound from the environment into your ear, they do vary quite a bit in style, size, and the way they are placed in your ear. Some are small enough to be almost invisible, while others are more robust and powerful devices.

What type of hearing aid you ultimately choose will have a lot to do with your degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your personal preference. In other words, the question to ask is not “what is the right hearing aid?” but “What is the right hearing aid for me?”

If you book an appointment with Hearing Services of Marin, you will not only get a professional hearing evaluation by someone with decades of experience in the field, you will also get personal advice and recommendations on hearing aids that best fit your unique situation.

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Below are some basics to give you an idea of what solutions exist.

Premium “On the Move” Hearing Aids

Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphones — These hearing aids were designed to improve understanding of speech in background noise. Business meetings, restaurants and get-togethers with family and friends—it will all be more efficient and enjoyable with one of these devices.

Wind-Noise Manager — Sailing, golfing and hiking, or any other outdoor activity for which is it always better to hear what people are saying than not. If much of your life takes place outside, this type of hearing aid deserves your evaluation.

Data-Logging and Data-Learning — A very nice feature. Similar to how many cars these days learn the habits of specific drivers, and accommodate accordingly, this feature will analyze how you are using the hearing aid and customize volume adjustments on its own—nifty if you have a busy schedule with less time for hearing aid adjustments.

Bluetooth Support — A truly connected world sometimes requires more than being able to listen to people around you. Sometimes, it's beneficial to connect device to device as well. Mobile phones, mp3 players, and other devices that support Bluetooth can all be connected with this technology.

The Less Hectic Approach

Noise Reduction and Directional Microphones — Two features that together improve the understanding of speech in situations with a lot of background noise. The clubhouse after a game of golf, your favorite sporting event, or an important business conference—now you don't have to feel left out.

Automatic Volume and Listening Programs — These hearing aids detect your listening environment and adjust themselves to make listening more comfortable while you are in a room filled with chatting people.

Value Based Hearing Aids

Technology advances rapidly in the field of hearing aids, which means that functionality, that only a few years ago would be out of reach due to cost, now can be found in many hearing aids that offer exceptional value. If you don't mind not being an early adopter, it is well worth spending some time understanding this category of hearing aids. The savings can be significant.

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